The Talk

Looking up as the light shines from your face
Through thousands of years, side stays in its place
You came not from us nor from whence we came
Not one of our family but we gave you a name
Though barren and lonely we love you the same
With others we've had competitions and games
We told them all we were first to embrace your skin
Fact is we told them whatever it took for a win...

We're sorry we lied but we had complications
An invisible wall we reached with no indication
But we've been in touch since then and they need not know
They've already paid for the tickets and they've already left the show
Now we'll share you with the others for the time being
In this agreement we've made for the good things they're bringing
Apologize for the additions we've made to your shell
But we had no other options, for peace, or so we'll soon tell...

They'll believe it no matter for we gave them what they want
Peace of mind and a lie that keeps them all nonchalant
Soon all will be ready for their rapture to come
Not knowing we'll have them right under our thumb
We'll keep saying you're the reason for keeping the tide
One day we'll be with you and for my last days reside...

As the night comes to an end and as I say my goodbye
I look up at the artificial spaceship residing in the sky...

© Elvis Dino Esquivel

Imagen: Andrejzt

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