Downtown Madrid

To Samantha Kennedy

Where is the future?
Did we just escaped the past?
Hold on for a moment,
it's goddamn night time!
Look at Gran Vía, ¡joder!
No Celtiberians, no Romans,
no Visigoths, no Moors,
no Spaniards, but only madrileños!

Let's walk towards Malasaña!
Espera, this is Plaza Dos de Mayo,
stand still for an instant.
Look at all these people,
the night is young, seize it!
Drink and the night will last!

Oh, timeless Plaza Mayor!
Afraid of the darkness?
We brought our own light!
We shine in silence,
not for a transient moment,
but perpetually.

Doorless Puerta del Sol...
Where is the silence? Oh, silence!
«Cerveza por un euro, cerveza»
says a random man from the Far East..
Shut up, but give me that beer!
Now silence! Let me enjoy the silence
while I sit in this fountain,
drinking myself some time...

Time freezes at the bares,
beings share stories, all the stories.
Time ceases for few hours,
beer or tinto de verano, tapas and greetings
waves of people, weaving away time...

Forget the effigies of dead men,
forget the buildings and its architecture;
one night it will fall upon you,
perpetual chaos.
Don't be fooled by time,
drink and seize the moment:
Madrileños, let's all make history!

Madrid, let me forget absolutely everything
but your streets;
every moment of my life but this night.
Demolish half your buildings,
but not your charm.
Let me forget about your legacy,
but not your twilights and dawns.

The sun is rising... enhorabuena:
We have killed the night... again!

© Elvis Dino Esquivel

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