When It Starts

the sky they fall;
please, tell me why,
why do they all
continue to die?

Explosions began any kind of action,
ruled under one benefitting faction,
throwing at us so many distractions
to cover they're, oh, so hasty reaction.
They say I'm unpatriotic not supporting the cause,
when the cause of all our problems are the patriot laws;
instead of "protection" from all the "terrorist" threat
give us all free medical, education, and less debt.
Billions of dollars sent to countries we destroyed,
no money kept here for the ones who need employed.
Two years spent in the sand and again deployed,
won't ever get to hold the hand of his baby boy.
I'm so sick of this shit and I hope you all are too!
Whatever happened to our good Ole Red, White and Blue?
It's crazy because I'm starting to ask myself the question:
What if what the whole world's saying is true?

Enough crying there's people dying,
we may never see the end, but it won't stop me from trying
to figure out why it is that this country
can't see that all of its politicians have been lying.
I heard a man say that this is all a big plan,
that liberation's not the reason we're going for Iran,
Iraq, Afghanistan, it doesn't really matter,
just as long as those assholes wallets keep getting fatter.

World War 3 won't be labeled until it's done!
How much longer will we keep letting them have their fun?
Leaving our problems to be dealt with for our young,
it's like handing a little kid a fuckin' loaded gun!
React too slow and it will be too late.
They'll start in the courts, yeah, then through your front gate.
So many people call it crazy, shit, I wish he was kidding.
He said, "we won't see it coming if it starts in the city!"

We won't see it coming if it starts in the city!
We won't see it coming when it starts in the city!

No, we won't see it coming.
We'll never ever see it coming...

© Elvis Dino Esquivel

Imagen: Dale Williams

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